Accredited Passivhaus Design

We are enthusiastic about creating attractive buildings that are space efficient, comfortable to be in, contribute to their surroundings and use little energy. We use the Passivhaus method as it is proven in design and on site.


What is a Passivhaus?


A really comfortable, healthy building with no draughts, continuous fresh pre-warmed air and

heating bills kept to the lowest possible.


Once built there should be no need for future retrofit or improvement work.


Our work with health buildings has shown that the long term cost of ownership of a Passivhaus building is lower than conventional constructions, and is therefore ideal for owners keeping their buildings for longer than ten years. Buildings larger than houses can also be more cost effective to build to the Passivhaus standard making this approach ideal for health, education and charity buildings as well as housing.


Who are we?


We are Architects and Certified Passivhaus Designers with over 25 years' experience of creating low energy housing for individuals, care buildings and health facilities, from masterplanning to construction. We are supported by the experienced staff of The Tooley & Foster Partnership, an architectural practice with nearly 30 staff which has been established for over 125 years.


What do we offer?


  • Feasibility and concept building design

  • Energy and comfort analysis using the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) software

  • Planning applications

  • Passivhaus Quality Assurance working with Passivhaus Certifiers and the Passivhaus Institut

  • Construction information


We can take you through the design, planning and construction stages of creating something seemingly impossible -


Really comfortable, attractive buildings that cost very little to run.

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