Passivhaus – Ideal for Elderly People

The Passivhaus approach is ideal for Sheltered Accommodation, Care Homes and Extra Care buildings, as well as Health premises.​​

No draughts

Many elderly people feel the cold and draughts acutely, particularly if they are not very mobile.  A Passivhaus building has even temperatures throughout and is not draughty.  Without draughts, the perceived temperature is higher, and therefore any heating used on cold days can be set lower.


Very low heating costs

For pensioners on fixed incomes future fuel costs can be a large worry.  As space heating costs in a certified Passivhaus will be very low, future fuel price increases are less of a concern.

Reduced overheads

For operators of Care Homes, where increasing fuel bills may form a larger part of their running costs, a Passivhaus new build or EnerPHit retrofit can reduce overheads.  A life cycle cost analysis can also be useful in establishing the long term reduced running costs of a certified Passivhaus building.​  Where residents pay a service charge that includes energy costs, these lower future costs give a competitive advantage over other providers.

Filtered fresh air

or residents with allergic conditions or breathing difficulties, a Passivhaus building includes a filtered air supply to ensure continuous clean air, and in some instances the level of filtration can be increased to remove allergens.

As fresh air is continuously supplied, and stale air continuously extracted, unpleasant odours are readily removed and do not linger.