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Energy use for heating in typical British houses is taken from the following:


Heat demand for space heating per dwelling built post-1996 (kWh delivered energy) 14,600 kWh.
Ref: 40% house, Boardman B, Darby S, Killip, Hinnells M, Jardine C N, Palmer J and Sinden G, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, 2005.

Average British house size 85 sq m , average newly built dwelling 76 sq m .
Ref: Unaffordable Housing, Fables and Myths, Alan W. Evans and Oliver Marc Hartwich, Policy Exchange, 2005, quoted in (under Facts & Figures) also quoted on Design for Homes website.

14,600kWh per year divided by 85 sq m =171.76 kWh/sq m per year.

Measuring kWh/sq m  (energy use per unit of floor area):

Please note that the method of calculating kWh/sq m  varies slightly between the method used by Passivhaus and the Code for Sustainable Homes, largely due to the way floor area is measured. If the kWh/sq m  figures quoted for the Code for Sustainable Homes Levels 4 and 6 were calculated using the Passivhaus method, it is likely that they would be slightly different. The comparison shown is therefore indicative, but broadly correct.

The kWh/sq m  figures for Levels 4 and 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes are the target figures for Fabric Energy Efficiency for a detached house.