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Customer Feedback


"As the first health building development of its kind in the UK, we had to ensure that every option was thoroughly explored and evaluated before gaining national approval from NHS England. However, this now provides the opportunity to evidence the case for sustainable development and will make a valuable contribution to the Government targets of reducing carbon emissions to zero by 2050; no small challenge when the health estate makes up 4-5% of England’s carbon footprint.”

Malcom Twite, Chief Commercial Officer (Foleshill Health Centre, Coventry)

“I can’t tell you what the energy bills in Kent were – but they were shocking, they are modest [around £70 a year]. It’s very comfortable, it’s a pleasant temperature, and there’s a feeling of fresh air. I love the huge windows.”

Judith Richards, Client (Lansdowne Drive, London)


"Since moving in, our Passivhaus experience has been extremely positive. The houses are well designed, well built and extremely well insulated, making them very comfortable to live in. The filtered ventilation system provides a healthy, dust free environment. And energy consumption for heating is proving to be considerably lower than we have experienced in a conventionally built house."

Wojtek Boden, Client (Northbrook Road, London)

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