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Energy and Fuel Savings

A new Passivhaus is likely to use a tenth of the heating energy of a typical British house.


Unlike many eco-technology suppliers, the energy consumption of completed and inhabited Passivhaus dwellings have been monitored over a number of years.​

In 1998 a European research project monitored 250 low energy houses after construction and found that the annual heat consumption of the Passivhaus homes were very close to that planned at design stage (The CEPHEUS project).  Finished certified British Passivhaus homes give similar results.​​

For a certified Passivhaus, actual energy use will therefore be very close to that planned at design stage, and very low.


Completed British 3 bedroom Passivhaus dwellings have recorded annual heating bills of £100 to £150.  


Passivhaus Heating Energy Savings, Passive House Energy Savings
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