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Thermal Bridge Analysis by APD

Certification & Quality Assurance

If the building is to be certified to the Passivhaus or EnerPHit standard, a third party Passivhaus Certifier will check the work of the Passivhaus Designer to ensure that the Passivhaus or EnerPHit criteria are met.  This rigour enables the as-built performance to be close to what is designed.

During works on site much attention to detail will be required by the contractor and all site staff.  We can advise the contractor with toolbox talks and carry out site inspections as necessary.  Photographs to record the construction will be taken.   Part way through construction, air leakage testing will start, and more than one test may be required before the Passivhaus standard is achieved.

Upon satisfactory completion of the building, full information including the air-leakage results, and the contractor’s confirmation that the building has been constructed correctly, is sent to the Passivhaus Institut in Germany, who will issue the Passivhaus certificate if all is well.

Please note that the Passivhaus certification does not replace the usual British planning and building control approvals that will also be required.

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