Gales Place, Council Housing, Crawley

Gales Place is the first certified Passivhaus project completed by Crawley Borough Council to provide affordable housing for local residents.


This new development is located on a complex site and provides a new urban space next to an existing community centre, safe routes to the adjacent primary school and car parking for residents and other local people.  It provides six flats and seven houses built to the high comfort and low bills of the Passivhaus standard.


With triple glazing, lots of insulation and a ventilation system providing filtered pre-warmed air the heating bills for a typical 2 bedroom house are predicted to be about £15 per month or less than 50p per day.


As council housing is provided for people in housing need, the low energy use of these Passivhaus

homes will make a strong contribution to reducing fuel poverty with very low bills for residents, and

with the knock-on benefit to the landlord of low rent arrears. Also, the good construction quality of

these dwellings will ensure durability and comfort for the future

Testimonial from Councillor Stephen Joyce, Crawley’s Cabinet Member for Housing, said:

“This is a brilliant development that not only provides high quality housing, but also lowers energy bills

and has less of an environmental impact. I am so pleased that we have these to offer our tenants and

I hope that we are able to offer more Passivhaus homes in the future.”

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